What a social network should have !

Talk about a blog and most people will start on “how awesome WordPress is..”. Yes I know. I use WordPress too. There are a number of blogging platform that are coming up nowadays and most of them disappear before making a sound. WordPress it seems is monopolising the whole blogging platform.

However, I personally think WordPress lacks a few core features that may push it to become the most preferred blogging system.

Think about all the king of plugins and modules you have installed on your website for bookmarking and tweeting your posts.  After writing content on your website, you need to go out and market yourself.

What if there was a social mash which pooled all the content on a given platform and based on a user’s query returned the most relevant result. I know this is the job of a search engine. However this does not need to be very complex. A social mash is a collection of content on a given sphere where users can cross link, refer or cite a fellow user. This will in turn make them both grow. The social Mash is obviously cross platform compliant. This simply means that any content you share on social mash, gets automatically synced with multiple channels. This could be automatic status updates, link backs and pings and much more.

Some core benefits include

  • No plugins or modules to install
  • Social mediums designed within the architecture
  • Social Mash may create user groups.
  • Easy for serving content based on user organisation
  • Rich and effective content will be pushed up by user

Google and Yahoo do a great job at indexing content. They also do a great job at showing you what your visitors are doing. It would be nice for wordpress or any other blogging platform to pick up a cue and integrate analytics within its core system.

The benefits of doing so will include

  • Actionable insights right where you need to apply them
  • Live user interaction
  • Live suggestion – If you go in a shop, a salesman helps you out. Similarly if your could serve your visitors.

So Forum, what are your thoughts..

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