Magento: The Best Platform for Your E-Commerce Website

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If you are considering setting up an E-Commerce internet site, you will invariably have to navigate through some platforms to find the one most suitable for your needs which can be easier said than done, especially if you are new to the E-Commerce world. With various platforms boasting of numerous features and tools, it is easy to get side-tracked by the attractive features offered. But what you need to remember is that not all platforms function well and provide the best tools for you to build an optimal E-Commerce website. So how do you find the best E-Commerce platform? You look at what it has to offer and see how it has impacted the E-Commerce market of course, which includes information about magento and magento developer.

What Is Magento?

Magento is an E-Commerce software that provides a broad range of features and functionality. Being an advanced software means that it requires people with professional web development experience to set it up and run it. It is very flexible and offers you the option to scale and customise it to suit your changing business needs, and you are able to find many magento demos and magento tutorials online.

Magento Community Versus Magento Enterprise

Depending on your business needs and budget, there are two versions of the software available at your disposal. The first—Magento Community—is the open-source, free version of the software. It comes with a support group of Magento users who can help you set up the software to meet your needs. This version is perfect for those who are on a limited budget or for small businesses.

Magento Enterprise, as the name suggests, is the version that offers enterprise-level functionality and support which can be an expensive investment, but what one needs to remember is that the cost is entirely justified when you consider the customised solutions, and support and assistance offered by Magento’s certified developers. This is the best option when you are a large enterprise looking to set up a fully functional E-Commerce website that will help you market and grow your online business at an impressive speed.


Features and Functionality

  • Third-Party Integration

So what makes Magento stand out as the best E-Commerce platform? For starters, Magento offers third-party integration, which means that you can connect your website to various external platforms. This could result in potentially better online shopping experience for your customers, which could lead to more sales and more returning customers.

  • SEO and Intelligent Filtered Search

Magento’s back-end tools such as SEO efficiency and quick search help drive sales and sustain in a highly competitive environment.

  • Customised Security Protection

Magento also allows you to customise security protection, giving you the freedom to ensure optimal safety and safe access to the site.

  • Customized Page Editor

A customizable page editor that is aesthetically appealing allows you to display your products or services in the best possible way.

  • Mobile-Optimization

You can’t run a successful online business without a mobile-friendly website. Magento offers you just that with its mobile-friendly optimisation, making it viewable on mobile devices without a hitch.

  • Powerful and Efficient

When a platform is capable of handling up to 80,000 orders an hour and can support up to 500,000 products on one site, you know you’re dealing with a very powerful and efficient software. With such scales on offer, you can grow your business without worrying about your website being able to handle the traffic and functioning without any glitches.

  • Enhanced UX

Magento offers enhanced user experience by way of ad prompts and links to related products and searches.

The Need for Magento Developers

Now that we have a better idea of what makes Magento the best in its field let us move on to how we can get the most out of the Magento software? What does one need to get the most out of this fantastic platform?

As mentioned earlier, Magento is an advanced E-Commerce platform. Typically, there are three types of E-Commerce platforms available to us. The first category is E-Commerce platforms that require zero development experience to setup. These come with pre-designed templates and limited features for you to set up a very basic website. The second category is platforms that require some primary development experience to setup. The third and final group are platforms that require vast web development experience to setup and run. Magento falls under this category. Amateurs and beginners cannot build a fully-functional site using Magento. You need extensive experience and knowledge of Magento to set up a highly-functional, seamlessly integrated E-Commerce website on Magento. For this reason, it becomes imperative that one hires Magento developers to ensure that the site is set up and built to meet all the needs of the business. With a myriad of tools and backend processes to be handled, experience with Magento is essential and can take you a long way in getting the most out of this versatile platform.

Hiring a team of Magento developers will ensure that your website gets continuous support and improvement, two critical aspects when talking about online businesses. Magento developers will also help to make sure that the backend processes run smoothly, providing an optimal shopping experience for your customers. They can offer you with solutions and provide scalability as your business grows.

When investing in an online business module, it becomes of utmost importance to make sure that the face of your business—in this instance, your website—delivers the best online experience. And Magento developers will help you do exactly that.

With over 2,40,000 companies using Magento as their E-Commerce platform, it is one of the most efficient and results-driven platforms available in the market. Built with customer satisfaction and business development in mind, Magento is the perfect blend of business sensibility and marketing-affability. If you want your online business to compete and thrive in a highly competitive and volatile business atmosphere, then you need to equip it with the best tool there is to ensure that it survives and eventually surpasses its competitors. So go ahead and give your business the Magento advantage.