10 Interesting Facts About Solar Energy That Will Blow Your Mind

Solar power is the much talked about the energy of the future. With the world looking for a cleaner, greener energy production to combat pollution and climate change, solar power reigns supreme as THE future of energy. If you’re interested in solar energy and have been reading up on it, the chances are that you know the basics. But do you know it all? Here’s a list of ten interesting facts about solar energy that you most likely didn’t know.

1. Third-World Countries Are the Most Rapidly Growing Market for Solar Energy
It may come as a surprise to many that third-world countries are the fastest and biggest markets for solar power. With a huge population and areas with little or no access to electricity, many third-world countries are actively investing in solar energy to overcome their energy crisis. While the cost of investing in solar power can be a deterrent, most of these developing countries have realised that solar is the future and are heavily investing in it to secure their place in the world of clean energy production.

2. Leonardo Da Vinci Predicted a Solar Revolution
In the sixteenth century, Leonardo Da Vinci predicted that a solar industrialisation would occur, long before the idea of solar power was conceived. This is changing people’s life in many ways and the posts on eurosolar reviews give a better understanding about how these changes are beneficials.

3. Solar Power Panels Become Cheaper Every Year
Since their introduction into the market, photovoltaic panels have steadily dropped in price. Contrary to fossil fuels, which increase in price as they become more scarce.

pv farm
Photovoltaic farm

4. The Solar Industry Has Created Jobs
It has been predicted that the solar industry is creating jobs six times faster than any other industry. The employment opportunities are abundant when it comes to solar, as opposed to coal mining, oil and gas industries. With an ever-growing market, solar is bound to become one of the largest industry with ample job opportunities.

5. It Takes Around Eight Minutes to Convert the Sun’s Energy into Electricity
The entire process of the sun’s energy travelling the 93-million-mile distance, reaching the earth, and getting converted into electricity by a solar cell takes around eight minutes.

6. Solar Power Has the Potential to Tackle Rising Energy Needs
If we could convert the all of the sun’s energy that hits the earth in an hour, we will have produced more than enough energy to take care of the entire earth’s population for a year.

7. Albert Einstein Won a Nobel Prize For his work in Solar Energy
Albert Einstein’s discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect and his work in solar energy and photovoltaics led to him winning the Nobel prize in 1921.

8. Ancient Greeks and Romans Used Solar Energy
The ancient Greek and Roman civilisations were aware of the power of the sun and used it to their benefit. From building south-facing homes to allow sunlight in through the windows to heat and light the indoors. Solar energy was also used to purify water. They knew and made use of the sun’s properties in an efficient manner.

9. The Sun Will Be Dead in The Distant Future
According to scientists, the sun is 4.57 billion years old. They estimate that it has another six to seven billion years to go before it dies and turns into a white dwarf. Thankfully, that’s not anytime shortly and won’t affect us.

10. Solar Power Can Improve Air Quality
An average household solar panel system can reduce hundred tonnes of CO2 emissions in its lifetime. Meaning that if every household in the world installs a solar energy system, our air quality will significantly improve. With more and more people around the world suffering from breathing and respiratory illnesses, it is time for us to turn to solar to help us with this problem.

Bonus fact: Did you know that in 1931, the famous scientist Thomas Edison said “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that. I wish I had more years left.” Looks like he knew just what would happen in the future. When humanity realised that fossil fuels and oil were not reliable sources of energy, it turned to the one constant and highly-reliable source of energy that it knew of—the sun. Let’s hope that we rapidly invest in solar power to get the most out of it soon.

Science Tutoring: Choosing Medical Line As Career

Why Science Tutoring Is Important For Career in Medicine

Science Tutoring

If a student wants to choose medicine line as a career option, he or she needs to study hard and be seriously committed to studies from high school. Career in medicine is highly appreciated in our society but it takes a lot of hard work to achieve that. Apart from the tough academic course, there is high competition even before admitting to the school itself. Because of heavy course content, it demands strict discipline, commitment and personal responsibility from students if they are to achieve a medical degree and reap the rewarding career in future. Science is the primary subject of medicine and therefore, science tutoring is indispensable for any child who is ambitious to pursue a career in medicine in future. Science coaching or tutoring is the foundation for building an esteemed career in medical field. Here are top reasons why science tutoring is necessary for your enthusiastic little child:

To beat the tough competition:

As mentioned above, the competition in medical line is very strong. From the moment one enters the medical field, one starts to feel the heat of the contest. If your child is not able to beat every competition that comes along the path of achieving a medical degree, it will be impossible for him or her to succeed the goal. The best way to ensure a successful career in future is to start preparing from now by enrolling the students in science tuition. Science tutors at Edu-Kingdom will be able to help your child with fundamental scientific knowledge.

To improve performance and grade:

When the heat of contest is high in the medical arena, strong performance is the only weapon that will help your child to win the battle. Strong performance will come only after diligent work and smart preparation which is possible only through science tutoring. An experienced science tutor prepares your child through all the tough questions and different ways to deal with them within a short period of time. This will assist them to achieve a good grade which is the only tangible proof to show your child’s ability to admit to medical school and obtain the degree. Your future physician will surely be glad to see those well-earned grades in future.

To enjoy learning:

Personality of a doctor looks attractive, but there is a huge sacrifice behind their smiling face. They had memorised loads of facts and information about science to pass with good grades in their schools and colleges. Besides, they had explored and discovered a lot of things through experimentation and observation. To learn such a profound subject is difficult if it is not fun and engaging. Science tutoring provides an extra platform for students to involve into new technologies and learn how to treat diseases in an interesting way by minimising burden in learners’ mind.

To grow personally:

Science Lab

A coaching is definitely not like a school or college classroom where a teacher’s attention is divided into multiple numbers of students. The benefits of hiring a science tutor are that your kid will get personalised assistance and guidance in studies which can never be gained in school or college. Personal assistance in homework, identification and resolving personal issues, undivided attention, intensive practice, etc. are the benefits of hiring a private science coach. Students can increase their understanding and knowledge of science thoroughly in own pace.

To boost confidence:

Science is usually the subject most students are scared of. For most of the students, the subject is too difficult to understand and pass exams. As a result, most of them end up with poor marks or failure and lowered self-esteem. Science tutoring provides an opportunity for instant practice and helps to improve performance which eventually boosts confidence. Without confidence, it ‘s hard to win a battle these days.

Science tutoring is essential for a career in medicine because medicine is quite a difficult subject that demands a lot of dedication, diligence, practice and intelligence. To achieve a prestigious career in medicine, one must build a strong base from their childhood. If the base is strong, it will definitely help them to pass different tests and trials required to obtain the medical degree.

Magento: The Best Platform for Your E-Commerce Website

magento developer

If you are considering setting up an E-Commerce internet site, you will invariably have to navigate through some platforms to find the one most suitable for your needs which can be easier said than done, especially if you are new to the E-Commerce world. With various platforms boasting of numerous features and tools, it is easy to get side-tracked by the attractive features offered. But what you need to remember is that not all platforms function well and provide the best tools for you to build an optimal E-Commerce website. So how do you find the best E-Commerce platform? You look at what it has to offer and see how it has impacted the E-Commerce market of course, which includes information about magento and magento developer.

What Is Magento?

Magento is an E-Commerce software that provides a broad range of features and functionality. Being an advanced software means that it requires people with professional web development experience to set it up and run it. It is very flexible and offers you the option to scale and customise it to suit your changing business needs, and you are able to find many magento demos and magento tutorials online.

Magento Community Versus Magento Enterprise

Depending on your business needs and budget, there are two versions of the software available at your disposal. The first—Magento Community—is the open-source, free version of the software. It comes with a support group of Magento users who can help you set up the software to meet your needs. This version is perfect for those who are on a limited budget or for small businesses.

Magento Enterprise, as the name suggests, is the version that offers enterprise-level functionality and support which can be an expensive investment, but what one needs to remember is that the cost is entirely justified when you consider the customised solutions, and support and assistance offered by Magento’s certified developers. This is the best option when you are a large enterprise looking to set up a fully functional E-Commerce website that will help you market and grow your online business at an impressive speed.


Features and Functionality

  • Third-Party Integration

So what makes Magento stand out as the best E-Commerce platform? For starters, Magento offers third-party integration, which means that you can connect your website to various external platforms. This could result in potentially better online shopping experience for your customers, which could lead to more sales and more returning customers.

  • SEO and Intelligent Filtered Search

Magento’s back-end tools such as SEO efficiency and quick search help drive sales and sustain in a highly competitive environment.

  • Customised Security Protection

Magento also allows you to customise security protection, giving you the freedom to ensure optimal safety and safe access to the site.

  • Customized Page Editor

A customizable page editor that is aesthetically appealing allows you to display your products or services in the best possible way.

  • Mobile-Optimization

You can’t run a successful online business without a mobile-friendly website. Magento offers you just that with its mobile-friendly optimisation, making it viewable on mobile devices without a hitch.

  • Powerful and Efficient

When a platform is capable of handling up to 80,000 orders an hour and can support up to 500,000 products on one site, you know you’re dealing with a very powerful and efficient software. With such scales on offer, you can grow your business without worrying about your website being able to handle the traffic and functioning without any glitches.

  • Enhanced UX

Magento offers enhanced user experience by way of ad prompts and links to related products and searches.

The Need for Magento Developers

Now that we have a better idea of what makes Magento the best in its field let us move on to how we can get the most out of the Magento software? What does one need to get the most out of this fantastic platform?

As mentioned earlier, Magento is an advanced E-Commerce platform. Typically, there are three types of E-Commerce platforms available to us. The first category is E-Commerce platforms that require zero development experience to setup. These come with pre-designed templates and limited features for you to set up a very basic website. The second category is platforms that require some primary development experience to setup. The third and final group are platforms that require vast web development experience to setup and run. Magento falls under this category. Amateurs and beginners cannot build a fully-functional site using Magento. You need extensive experience and knowledge of Magento to set up a highly-functional, seamlessly integrated E-Commerce website on Magento. For this reason, it becomes imperative that one hires Magento developers to ensure that the site is set up and built to meet all the needs of the business. With a myriad of tools and backend processes to be handled, experience with Magento is essential and can take you a long way in getting the most out of this versatile platform.

Hiring a team of Magento developers will ensure that your website gets continuous support and improvement, two critical aspects when talking about online businesses. Magento developers will also help to make sure that the backend processes run smoothly, providing an optimal shopping experience for your customers. They can offer you with solutions and provide scalability as your business grows.

When investing in an online business module, it becomes of utmost importance to make sure that the face of your business—in this instance, your website—delivers the best online experience. And Magento developers will help you do exactly that.

With over 2,40,000 companies using Magento as their E-Commerce platform, it is one of the most efficient and results-driven platforms available in the market. Built with customer satisfaction and business development in mind, Magento is the perfect blend of business sensibility and marketing-affability. If you want your online business to compete and thrive in a highly competitive and volatile business atmosphere, then you need to equip it with the best tool there is to ensure that it survives and eventually surpasses its competitors. So go ahead and give your business the Magento advantage.

Starting to do blogging for revenue.

Every time a new story comes around of a successful blogger who made it big through his writing skills, you see  a spike in traffic for people looking for blogs with revenue or “how to generate revenue from your blog” kind of articles. A successful blogger will often start saying it is very easy to generate a gazillion dollars via blog and start selling his eBook. In fact most bloggers who barely make a few hundred dollars will start backing his story of even how they are making so much money via Adsense and what not.

If you are a relatively new blogger , here are a few quick thoughts I would like to share with you.

If you have simply been blogging for Adsense income your blog articles will be totally keyword focussed. They will be rich in keywords but totally become alien to your end users. Remember blogging is about engaging people and not a one-way street. You have to try and make people who come to your blog from day one keep coming back. Having at least one visitor turn into a loyal one in a day is a great achievement.

Blog about things that you like , things you hate and things that don’t bother you. Don’t blog because the keyword “DVD” will bring you $3 a click. By doing this you are actually cheating your readers of your true potential.

  • blog about your interests and not for Adsense
  • blog and engage your readers.

We all have been taught to place that Adsense code at the very top, above the post and below the post.This is the standard across a range of high traffic word press blogs. If you start placing these on your website as well, how are you any different from a million others.

Readers have now seem to overlook any ads on your website. People will hardly seem to see any ads and get straight to the article. Make sure that whatever you publish is served to your readers before you start serving them ads.

  • get a decent traffic before you think revenue
  • explain to your readers why you will be putting up ads if any

I have often seen extremely great and insightful bloggers start high and then loose all their passion in the middle. People will most often loose their passion midway because of other commitments. Sometimes the blog does not turn out to what they thought it would.

There is a very old saying which vaguely translates to, if you can preserve your passion or hunger to do whatever you wish to do and work at it for 180 days, you have a good chance of success.

  • constantly work at it if you want to achieve something
  • brand yourself as an expert

So Forum, What are your thoughts, comments , feedback…

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What a social network should have !

Talk about a blog and most people will start on “how awesome WordPress is..”. Yes I know. I use WordPress too. There are a number of blogging platform that are coming up nowadays and most of them disappear before making a sound. WordPress it seems is monopolising the whole blogging platform.

However, I personally think WordPress lacks a few core features that may push it to become the most preferred blogging system.

Think about all the king of plugins and modules you have installed on your website for bookmarking and tweeting your posts.  After writing content on your website, you need to go out and market yourself.

What if there was a social mash which pooled all the content on a given platform and based on a user’s query returned the most relevant result. I know this is the job of a search engine. However this does not need to be very complex. A social mash is a collection of content on a given sphere where users can cross link, refer or cite a fellow user. This will in turn make them both grow. The social Mash is obviously cross platform compliant. This simply means that any content you share on social mash, gets automatically synced with multiple channels. This could be automatic status updates, link backs and pings and much more.

Some core benefits include

  • No plugins or modules to install
  • Social mediums designed within the architecture
  • Social Mash may create user groups.
  • Easy for serving content based on user organisation
  • Rich and effective content will be pushed up by user

Google and Yahoo do a great job at indexing content. They also do a great job at showing you what your visitors are doing. It would be nice for wordpress or any other blogging platform to pick up a cue and integrate analytics within its core system.

The benefits of doing so will include

  • Actionable insights right where you need to apply them
  • Live user interaction
  • Live suggestion – If you go in a shop, a salesman helps you out. Similarly if your could serve your visitors.

So Forum, what are your thoughts..